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7 reasons to start coworking

The co-working movement is changing the way we work, with professionals shunning the daily routine of the office and embracing the flexibility and collaborative potential of a co-working space. Each year, freelancers, entrepreneurs and even corporations turn to co-working spaces to get more fulfilment out of their working lives and reach their true potential. Here’s why…

You’ll be inspired everyday – A co-working space is not just an alternative to the coffee shop.

A co-working space is where you sit elbow to elbow with like-minded thinkers, makers and do-ers. If you’re finding it hard to get motivated, having a co-working community around you will energise your work flow and catapult you to greater productivity.

Your network will grow exponentially – We don’t hire space, we build communities.

Literally anyone can co-work. Developers, designers, even deejays are co-workers. Imagine what you can learn from working alongside like-minded professionals across disciplines. Deskmag reports 90% of people feel more confident when co-working and that’s because you’re not network in a co-working space, you’re working amongst people like you in a mutually supportive environment.

This isn’t the water-cooler effect, it’s the co-working movement…

… and you’ll be more productive than ever – There’s a reason 64% of co-workers are better able to complete tasks on time.

Creativity is contagious. Being surrounded by a hardworking community of professionals makes you more focused and more productive. Not only is it easier to solve problems in a skill-sharing environment, it’s also easier to get to the bottom of that list of tasks before lunch.

And no surprise here, when you’re more productive, you earn more. Deskmag reported three fourths of co-workers reported a significant bonus at year’s end in 2014. As if a bigger paycheque wasn’t enough, 70% of co-workers also reported that they felt healthier than in a traditional work setting. Win, win!

You’ll meet friendly people (that might change your life) – Business used to be about competition, now it’s all about collaboration.

When like-minded people get together, problems get solved. We might live in an age of wireless communication, but more than ever people are realising that geographic proximity is an irrevocable factor of creativity.

Ever heard the saying you’re the sum of the people you surround yourself with? Well in a survey by Deskmag 71% of people reported feeling more creative when co-working. That’s because they’re surrounded by creative, motivated and like-minded people working towards the next big success. We said it earlier, but we can’t emphasise it enough- productivity is contagious, you just need to be in the right place to catch it!

You’ll work in more beautiful spaces than ever before – And your creative output will benefit from it. Us&Co (Street name) has been designed with you in mind. We want each and every person to work in an inspiring location which never fails to feed their motivation day by day, hour by hour.

The 9-5 is dead, long live the flexible worker- Space and place are irrelevant- the future of work is flexibility.

Digital disruption is reshaping the work environment, giving power to the individual and allowing them to choose their working hours and environment. 40% of the workforce will be freelancers, independent contractors and solopreneurs by 2020 and these entrepreneurs are choosing co-working spaces as the place they reach their potential.  With beautiful settings, greater freedom and a greater chance of higher future earnings who can blame them?

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