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Pro-Working: What Is It & Why Is It Better Than Co-Working?

The practice of ‘co-working’ is quickly becoming such a popular working set-up that it hardly needs an introduction. Its more sophisticated sibling ‘pro-working’ is perhaps a bit less understood, yet offers a plethora of fantastic advantages. In this article, we will outline a few of the major differences between the two and the reasons why pro-working could be beneficial to your business.

Us&Co Workspaces Pro-Working Club Space


What Is Pro-Working?


Pro-working is a flexible way of working for business teams or individuals within a dedicated shared work space or business centre, akin to co-working. Like co-working, members have access to fixed desks, hot desks, meeting rooms and communal break spaces. However, pro-working is more professional and prioritises providing its members with quality, sophistication and partnership.

Think of the difference between co-working and pro-working as similar to that between a standard hotel and its five-star counterpart. Both offer core services, but the latter is simply a step-up in terms of professionalism.   

What Are The Advantages Of Pro-Working Over Co-Working?


The professional focus of pro-working spaces offers the following advantages and benefits to its members:

1. Enhanced Facilities

2. Designed To Impress

3. On-Site Management

4. Set-up For Long Term Partnerships


We have provided further information on how each of these benefits manifest below.

1. Enhanced Facilities 


Co-working provides the necessities required to ensure members can work productively and with flexibility. Pro-working goes one step further.


Of course, pro-working members still have access to desks, WiFi, ergonomic chairs, secure storage, bookable meeting rooms and casual break-out areas, like their co-working counterparts. However, pro-workers are then offered additional facilities that would not necessarily be available at all co-working spaces. These include showering facilities, bike racks, high-tech ‘plug-in & play’ meeting rooms, catering facilities and high-speed internet.


Us And Co Workspaces Pro-Working Club Space & Event Venue


For example, at Us&Co, we are especially proud of our Members Club Space that all our members get access to as a communal breakout area , and are also bookable as event venues by external users. With a stunning copper bar in the centre, stylish cafe-style seating and beautiful views of the surrounding areas, these event spaces provide professional and sophisticated networking venues.


2. Designed To Impress


Whether you’re a start-up company or a flourishing brand, every business needs to host and impress on occasion. Sometimes it’s investors, clients, partners or potential new team-members, but it is always crucial to set the right impression.


This is something you are much more likely to achieve with pro-working rather than co-working. Pro-working spaces are often designed with sleek and sophisticated decoration, high quality furniture and with a focus on productivity and professionalism.


What’s more, pro-working meeting rooms are often of excellent quality, providing much more than the bare-minimum simple table and chairs. You can impress your attendees with high-tech ‘plug-in & play’ presentation set-ups, whiteboards, lots of natural light and even sound-reducing devices for added privacy.

3. On-Site Management


Much like how 5-star hotels provide concierge service, a helpful reception desk and a team of behind-the-scenes cleaners, caterers and operations staff, you can expect a similar level of dedicated on-site service from pro-working centres.


Co-working centres are often quite autonomous, without the regular presence of the provider. By contrast, pro-working work spaces are likely to have team members on-site most days of the week.


Us&Co members and guests, for example, are greeted by our friendly receptionist. There are then always team-members on-hand for any questions or concerns. You will often find us enjoying the facilities ourselves, relaxing in the break-out spaces or working from a hot desk.


4. Set-up For Long Term Partnerships


Pro-working companies don’t just see their members as desks to be filled or names on a database, they really care about forming lasting partnerships and relationships with the people that come through their door.


Here at Us&Co, we are personally invested in the success of our members, and thrive on seeing businesses grow and flourish within our own walls. We therefore design our entire pro-working ethos around providing our members with the active support, facilities and partnership that will help brands achieve their goals.


Whether it’s networking assistance, introducing you to other members that we know will compliment your objectives, or simply checking in over Friday drinks, the pro-working approach allows us to feel as though we are part of your extended team. Your wins are our wins.

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