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Beat the afternoon slump: 5 energy boosting tips

Afternoons can be one of the toughest times in the working day. Often we’ve worked at maximum capacity during our morning tasks and find ourselves wondering where we will get the energy to work on the afternoons remaining jobs. In order to combat this, we’ve found five energy boosting tips that will leave you ready and raring to go; prepare to finish your day on a high!

1. Take a break

Did you know a quick ten minute walk can provide you with enough energy to power through a further two hours’ worth of work? What better reason could there be to get up and move around a bit? We don’t recommend napping at the desk but if you have the time and space, why not try a 15-20 minute power nap? It’s been scientifically proven to help boost energy levels and make you feel more alert. Just don’t go longer than 20 minutes otherwise you may end up feeling worse.

2. Snack smart

Whilst reaching for a sugary treat may be the most tempting thing to do to give you that boost you need to get you through to home time, it can actually cause a bigger crash than the slump you’re already contending with. Instead, try reaching for something nourishing like a handful of unsalted nuts or some fresh fruit. What you need is something that will sustain your sugar levels, rather than a quick hit of sugar.

3. Up the water

Keeping your body hydrated (ideally with pure water) helps your body to function correctly whilst also revitalising your muscles and digestive system. Keep a bottle of water on your desk as a reminder to keep hydrated. Remember, you should be aiming for a minimum of two litres a day. Also, try and avoid the coffee and go for a tea instead. Whilst coffee may seem like the obvious solution, it can often affect your evening in a negative way, for example stopping you for being able to sleep which will then impact you the following day, easily turning into a vicious cycle.

4. Ditch the distractions

Do you find that the afternoon is always the time where you check your emails that little bit more, or give yourself extended ‘breaks’ to check your social channels? Whilst you may feel that you’re just rewarding yourself with this break, you’re actually making yourself less effective. Try and switch off the distracting devices, or turn off your email notifications for a while and give the task in hand your full focus.

5. Re-assess your daily routine

The way you spend your morning can often have a significant impact on the way you feel in the afternoon. Think back to earlier in the day, did you have a sufficient breakfast? What did you have for lunch? Did you give yourself a break for lunch or did you work through it? How often did you come up for air during your morning tasks? All of these questions can provide you with an answer to why you’re feeling the way you do, and help you make better choices for the following day. For example, a small or non-existent breakfast, followed by a lack of lunch (or fast-food filled lunch) can have a negative impact on your afternoon energy levels.

Consciously taking on board some of the above steps should help you defeat the afternoon slump and have you completing your to-do list in no time.