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Meet the team, Interview with Andreea, Community Manager Viridis Monument

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How and when did you discover coworking?

Probably in 2012, walked past a coworking space in Holland Park.

What has been your involvement in Us&Co?

I am the Community Manager for our Monument centre

When did you become the Monument Centre Manager?

In February 2019

How would you describe the community?

A great mix of people who work hard but also love a good event in our amazing Club Space.

Do you host any members events to bring the community together?

We usually find every reason to celebrate from Beer Thursdays to monthly cocktail events and all the usual holidays and then some.

What are the enjoyable aspects of working for Us&Co?

The Team, everyone is so supportive and passionate and easy to work with. And the buildings, everything is so beautifully made and having your lunch on the 9th floor with breath-taking views of the Thames, what more could one wish for!

What are the key aspects of managing a coworking space?

The most important thing is to ensure that my clients are happy and that the building is very well looked after and ready for them to enjoy.

What has it been like to manage a centre during COVID-19?

Different but we have adapted very quickly thanks to all the technology. The support we offer our clients has not changed, we are always available to respond to their requirements and, we are continually making sure we are always there to support them.

Andreea is the Community Manager at Us&Co Monument, 7 Harp Lane, London EC3R 6DP