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New way of co-working: us & co

The concept of co-working is taking business as we know it by storm. Its effects are not only limited to how organisations or freelancers operate but how innovation takes place: According to JLL’s latest report “A New Era of Co-working”, 42% of companies expect collaboration with entrepreneurs to accelerate disruptive innovation and 63% of companies say the main reason behind their decision to use a shared office space is the ability to collaborate.

The notion of co-working may have been pioneered by entrepreneurs, young start-ups and freelancers in search of a convenient and friendly space to do their business. However looking at the field today, we see that companies of all sizes are intrigued about this hype and starting to opt for co-working spaces across the world. This triggered the motivation behind a new co-working space in the City of London. Us & Co is suitable for entrepreneurs who are at the beginning of their career as well as corporate organisations or teams who need a professional workspace away from their normal surroundings. Situated over 8 floors in the City of London, Us & Co welcomes members from various career fields and steps, offering bright and modern co-working spaces.

Offering two types of memberships: Hot-Desks and Dedicated Desks as well as meeting rooms and rooftop event space. With the hot desk membership option, you will have the freedom to choose your spot every time you are here, make use of the complimentary coffee bar and enjoy breaks or informal meetings on the top floor – Clubspace – overlooking London riverside between London Bridge and Tower Bridge, both just moments away. You will also be eligible to book high-tech, spacious meeting rooms, just say when! Dedicated desks can provision larger teams who join Us & Co as you could get up to 50 desks on a floor. Business never stops – so you will have access 24/7, with a large desk of your own and a lockable cabinet.

Every floor has informal meeting spaces, private meeting rooms and complimentary break out areas with Mozzo coffee and many more drink options for you to choose from. Us & Co blends the flexible and modern co-working approach with the professionalism of London’s business hub, The City. Get in touch now, if you want to experience Us & Co first hand with a free day pass!