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Why Co-Working Is Ideal For Start-Up Companies

Here at Us & Co, we get a lot of start-up companies through our door, looking for somewhere reliable to work while they find their feet as a business. We love to watch brands with only a handful of hot-desking, co-working employees thrive and grow into a flourishing company ready to take over a whole floor or private office.

It’s not hard to see why co-working is so suitable for up-and-coming, new companies. Options such as hot-desking or renting a fixed desk mean that you don’t have to put up with the financial commitment of hiring a whole office, the distraction of working from home, or the instability of moving from coffee shop to coffee shop.

So, if you are part of a start-up and are weighing up your day-to-day working options, read on to see why co-working could be the ideal step forward for you.


Co-Working Offers Flexibility

Life as a start-up can be unpredictable. Fortunately, fixed-desk or hot desk working is designed to offer you complete freedom to flex with that unpredictability, should you need to. That’s because, unlike with traditional office leases, you’re not tied into extensive contracts. You only pay for the desk space that you need, for as long as you need.

What’s more, co-working is the ideal starting point for a company looking to expand. It offers you the flexibility to begin with just a few desks and then add more and more until you’re ready to take over your own private office – helping you bridge the gap between start-up and thriving new brand.


Co-Working Opens Doors To A Wealth Of Facilities

As a start-up, you likely don’t have the funds to focus on creating high-tech meeting rooms, relaxing breakout spaces or barista-style coffee machines. Even getting hold of high-speed internet can often be difficult. But with co-working, all that is taken care of for you.

When you hire a hot desk, for example, you don’t just get access to that single desk. You get access to a variety of additional amenities, often including showers, bike racks, meeting rooms, break rooms, kitchens and even event spaces.

Offering your valued team such fantastic facilities could really help them to buy into your new brand from the get-go, and could prove crucial for employee engagement and retention.


Work In The Heart Of The City

It is hugely important when growing your brand to locate your office close to where your customers, clients or potential investors are predominately based, so that you are able to arrange meetings without the hassle and expense of cross-country travel. This often forces you to require space in central London or in other prominent hubs of business, such as Dublin, where rents are high.

Co-working is the most cost-effective way to acquire city centre desk space, particularly when you’re a small team. It makes it affordable to remain close to your contacts, as well as giving you the added perks of popular lunch spots, bars and restaurants right on your doorstep.


A Place To Impress

Fostering solid relationships is an essential component to establishing yourself as a start-up. Whether you’re looking to attract and retain talented team-members, impress potential investors or woo clients and customers, being able to meet and greet contacts somewhere professional is integral to making that all-important first impression.

Co-working spaces, such as Us & Co, are dedicated to providing all their members with an office environment that is not only enjoyable, comfortable and attractive to work in on the day-to-day, but offers them a great space to host.

Stylish and easy-to-book meeting rooms are ideal for holding meetings, conference calls or interviews – unless you’re wanting something a bit more informal, in which case co-working provides access to comfortable and spacious breakout spaces where you can chat over a coffee.